Our Mission

Mission: To connect families with babies and young children to the outdoors and each other.


We thrive in the natural world and believe all people can find connection with each other and nature. We acknowledge not everyone has the same history and experience with outdoor activities and many people and communities have been excluded or not invited into this space. This is why Hike it Baby works to be the most effective hub of tools, information and community inspiring all families with babies and young children to get outside and connect with nature.

We support all Families

We empower families to get outside with confidence.
We are welcoming and we leave no family behind.

We build Community

We bring families together to create authentic connections.
We actively commit to diversity and inclusion in our community, and to continued learning and action on equity.

We celebrate Nature

We respect and care for nature with every outing.
We are raising a generation to love nature and the outdoors.

Our thoughts on equity, inclusion, and diversity:

As an organization dedicated to connecting families with babies and young children to the outdoors and each other, it is important to us that we prioritize equity, inclusion, and diversity work in our efforts. It is vital we not only state our values, but also live them, both as an organization and in the local communities we inspire. We are a young, small organization with very limited resources. As we grow, we are committed to building ourselves into an organization that incorporates our continued learning on equity at every level– from how we invite and welcome new families to join us, to considering who sits on our Board of Directors and why. We will continue to look critically at ourselves and the way we inspire others to action. We are committed to supporting families, by sharing experiences and inspiring change across all the communities we touch.

Our goal for everyone in the Hike it Baby community, –everyone who participates in a hike, reads our blog or uses downloadable resources, sees our social media posts, or watches our videos– is to be able to see themselves and connect to the idea that being outside is something everyone deserves to enjoy and find a benefit from. Both currently and historically, that has not been the case. Therefore, we recognize we have to make a larger effort to redefine what being outside means. We have to continue to build a new paradigm where families representing all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, physical abilities, sexual orientations, genders, relationships, ages, sizes, shapes, languages, and more can be the NEW definition of who belongs outside, and we have to be clear they can make their own version of being outside. 

That means we have to be committed to a continued effort to learn, invite, and improve. We have to keep the conversation and ourselves open. We are committed to continued learning, listening, and asking for help as well as being open to taking risks, falling and getting back up to do it better the next time.

Currently, we are working to educate our board and staff so we have a centralized understanding of the implications of living in a world that doesn’t center equity, diversity, and inclusion as priority values. We want to make sure they are priority values within Hike it Baby. We are working to incorporate our learning into our programs, initiatives, strategies, and every aspect of our work. Perhaps the most important part of this is working with the people who make Hike it Baby who we are -our board, our staff, our volunteers, our ambassadors, our hike hosts, and our members- to make sure we are centered in our values and bringing those values to every single hike event.

We believe that by raising children who see us in a constant state of learning, we teach them ways to discover a better world. For our children and ourselves, we want to create openness where we seek understanding, and where we walk and explore and learn with people who are different from us. We’re going to fall down. We’re going to make mistakes– we’ve made lots already. One of our early mistakes in this work was not sharing enough of what we were doing _inside_ the organization with all the members of our community. A big part of that is because we were afraid of “doing it wrong”. We now understand that not doing it at all is more harmful than doing it “wrong”. We’re going to change that starting now, and Hike it Baby leadership is committing to be more transparent about what we’re doing in our equity learning and work. We hope you will help us and join us on the journey. 

Together, we are raising a generation to love the outdoors AND each other. 

If you have any thoughts you would like to share with us about our efforts on equity work, please reach out to us. Email us at board@hikeitbaby.com— this goes to all members of the Board and the Executive Director.